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The officers of our management team have broad experience in both minerals investment and in many other industries. They bring unique qualifications, interests and viewpoints to Plux mineral and operate under the direction of the Board of Directors.  

Our people create the value in the minerals, so we invest in ensuring a safe and respectful work, while providing the training and tools needed to achieve our goals

Our people are our ambassadors in the communities where they live and work. We expect everyone, at every level, to act with integrity, trust and respect, be responsible stewards of the environment, and serve as role models in safety in the workplace and in their communities. 

Gerardo .J. Blanco

President and Chief Executive Officer

James .M. Lima

President and Co.Chief Executive Officer 

Maureen Hughes

Executive Vice president and Chief Financial Officer

Peter .M. Hall

Executive Vice president, Strategic Development

Diane Jackson

Executive Vice president, Human Resource

Tom Cooper

Executive Vice president, Chief Operating Officer

Susan k. parker

Executive Vice president, General Counsel

Senior Officers :  

  1. Vice President, Projects : Mark Griffiths 
  2. Vice President, Exploration : Nick Collins 
  3. Vice President, External Relations and Social Responsibility : John Hennessey 
  4. Vice President, Finance and Treasurer : Janet Lawson 
  5. Vice President, Chief Information Officer : Desmond Khan
  6. Vice President, Investment and Value Management : Diane Buckley 
  7. Vice President, Supply chain management : Nancy Mills 

External Officers/Representatives : 

  1. Manager/Representative, South America : Auturo Sànchez 
  2. Manager/Representative, North America : Terry Nance 
  3. Manager/Representative, Australia : Dennis Owen 
  4. Manager/Representative, Europe : Randy Hall
  5. Manager/Representative, Asia : Moira Lee